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Get the best timeshare opportunity in Bohol Philippines with Seaside Beach Resort and Beach park For only 100,000 pesos for a lifetime timeshare membership get 4 weeks or 2 weeks a year.
After you pay the payment for the timeshare, choose up to 4 weeks through out the year to stay here.

This offer is fully transferable and you can even rent the room out to others and make money on your timeshare.
Some people see our timeshare as the chance of a lifetim­e, ­an opportunity to own a piece of a beautiful Resort where they can have a 4 week for 100,000PHP or 2 week for 50,000PHP dream vacation every y­ear for a lifetime.

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The Bohol Philippines Seaside Beach Park and Resort is designed with careful thought and planning to capture the essence of a great vacation ownership experience. We are offering a unique “Holiday Timeshare Ownership”.

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